Installing Wood Blinds

Step-by-step instructions to install wooden blinds in 20 minutes or less!

Installation of wooden blinds is easy, fast and can be done by yourself. Everything you need to know can be found below and while these steps are specifically tailored to the blinds that we sell, they can be applied to almost any manufacturer. To start, let's take a look at what you will need.

You Will Need:

  • Multi-Directional Brackets (included)
  • Central Bracket (included)
  • Screwdriver (not included)
  • Electric Drill (not included)
  • Tape Measure (not included)
  • Pencil (not included)

Please Note: Unless otherwise specified, screws and wall plugs are not included. You will need to choose the correct hardware to match your home.

Installation Instructions:

  • Step 1

    For an inside-recess installation, brackets can be fixed to the top or side of the window recess.

    For an outside-recess installation, measure the blinds and window recess to determine where the blinds should sit for a symmetrical overlap. See the diagram below for details.

  • Step 2 

    Multi-directional brackets are provided with all of our wooden blinds to be installed at both ends.

    Hold each bracket where they will be installed and use a pencil to mark the position of the hole you will drill. Choose a suitable wall plug and screw thread for the surface you're drilling.

    Please Note: for a face-fix installation you will need to measure from the outside edge of the brackets to avoid placing them too closely.

  • Step 3 

    An optional central support bracket is included with wider wooden blinds, but we strongly recommend you to install it, even for smaller windows.

    Place the central bracket carefully to avoid blocking any cords or tapes that will run down the slats when installed, then use a pencil to mark the position of the hole you will drill.

  • Step 4

    With the brackets fully installed, open the gate on the end brackets and place the headrail into position before closing the gate.


  • Step 5 - Optional

    Hold-down clips are included but are completely optional.

    To install the clips lower the blinds down to the bottom position, insert the hold-down clips into the end of the blind and use a pencil to mark the position of the hole you will drill.

  • Step 6 - Optional

    All of our wooden blinds include a valance that can be attached to the headrail. Screw the clips to the back of the valance and level with the top of the valance, as seen below, then attach to the top of the headrail.

    Please Note: we also include valance returns to fit for blinds installed outside the recess.

Child Safety Instructions:

  • Step 1 

    To install the cleat safely you must place the cleat as close to the headrail as possible and no less than 150cm from the floor.

    Place the safety cleat in the desired position on the wall and using a pencil, mark the position of the hole you will drill.

  • Step 2 

    Attach the safety cleat to the wall using appropriate screws and wall plugs. You will need to purchase screws and wall plugs separately to match your home's requirements.

  • Step 3

    Wrap the cords around the cord cleats in a figure of 8. When the cords are fully accumulated ensure they are secure, so when the cord is pulled no excess is released.

How to Operate:

To tilt the blind, pull on tilt cord tassel to angle slats to the open or closed position. To increase blind life, tilt the blind to the horizontal position when lifting or lowering the blinds.

To lower, move lift cord towards the middle of the blind, and pull down gently until the cord lock releases. To raise, pull the lift cord downward until the blind reaches your desired height.

To lock, pull lift cord towards the outside of the blind and release. The cord will automatically lock.